Wall Hanging Art

We are now working on wall hanging arts. We are so happy to pick up what we have left off since we left school and swirl around in the publication and commercial business. Almost forget what we dream for... It’s such a peaceful feeling to work on what we love. We feel so relieves. The project helps sweeping away all the exhausted we have from the long day...


Name Card Festival

Oct 12-14.2007

We dropped off our name cards and joined this event called "Name Card Festival" at TCDC. It was fun from the start...at the time we sketched, discussed, bought materials and proceeded to our hand-made production under limited time. The whole process took us about 1 week for our first lot of 500 pcs, 300 pcs to TCDC and 200 pcs for ourselves. But just 1 day after the opening day, TCDC called us and asked for more cards as they run out so fast. We're glad to hear such a nice feedback and decided to send out all we have left. We hope that we would have a great connection back from others who collected our cards. Let us hear back from you, guys!

For our card design idea and behind-the-scene production, we wanted to use recycled card stock paper for eco-friendly material concern. Also, we thought that it somehow represented a craft and hand-made-work look. We punched 2 small square on top & bottom to lock 2 yarns in place. Green and brown yarns were tied up together. These 2 colors were from our logo colors and represented our friendship and combination and the material itself represented textile and flexibility. Our logo, graphic and info were printed out on matted sticker to make it stood out from the card stock paper. We also have 2 colors version, both green and brown stickers.



Name: Breezy-Twinkle

Category: Home Decorative Product
Materials: Paper & Ribbon
Process: Hand-Weaving
Size: 20 x 190 cm.
Color Scheme: Passion
Description: 'Breezy-Twinkle' is a muti-purpose hanging partition which is nice for room divider & light decoration. It also fits for outdoor setting.

Details: Please click on image for enlarged view.

Breezy at daylight

Twinkle at nighttime

Color Swatch (click on color for enlarged view)



Ocean Blue

Fusion Pink




For more details & questions, please contact us at fb.fabbiz@gmail.com

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fabbiz is a compact and casual design studio where 2 closed friends, Foo – a graphic designer and Bim – a textile designer, are working together. We are 100% Thai, living in Bangkok who had experienced one chapter of our lives living in the US. We both are graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA. After working in the design industry in the US for quite sometime, we decided to move back to our homeland with a big dream to start doing something on our own. Since then our studio has been taking shape bit by bit everyday with love and warm support from family and friends. We are very into home decorative & handmade products and love to wander around the 'hood finding new inspiration and materials for our work. If you’d like to visit our shop, please go to http://www.fabbiz.etsy.com and to our photo journey, please go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/fabbiz/ We love for what we do and we always keep smiling for you all who visit this blog. Enjoy!